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            1. About Wesley

              Endorsed by an international educational brand with a state-of-the-art curriculum, Hangzhou Wesley School meets the highest standards in early childhood education. The school is a high-quality educational institution approved by the American Wesley Education Research and Development Center and provides a comprehensive early childhood curriculum supported by ongoing academic assessment.
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              Our Philosophy

              “Be themselves and be the best they can”

              1. 1. Encourage every child believe in themselves and assist them to be the best they can be.
              2. 2. Create a safe, happy and caring environment.
              3. 3. Cultivate children’s independence and self-confidence.
              4. 4. Inspire children to explore their own spirit and help them reach their full potential.
              5. 5. Treat every learner equally.
              6. 6. Conduct Bilingual learning, merge concepts and reinforce content for multilayered language learning.
              7. 7. Promote international, cultural, and social moral awareness.
              8. 8. Maintain mutual respect between school and families, communicate well and build a learning community that grows together with shared goals.

              Our Mission

              “We strive to build a child-centered community for pursuing international mindedness and personal excellence while nurturing self-confidence that cultivates our children to become global citizens and lifelong learners”

              Hangzhou Wesley School is committed to creating an educational environment that blends Eastern and Western cultures, developing each child’s personality, creativity and emotional intelligence. The school also provides young parents with a learning community to help their children develop an international perspective through the pursuit of excellence, integrity and leadership. We are well staffed and equipped to provide our students with a high-end education that cultivates lifelong learners who are endowed with both traditional Chinese values and an international vision.

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