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            1. What's Read Aloud

              The Read Aloud Program is a proven method to help children acquire a second language. The Read Aloud Program at Wesley School allows children ample time to listen to and read books in English. To support our students in acquiring English as their second language, the Wesley Education Research Center has developed a comprehensive reading program based on our rich library resources, which include a collection of more than 10,000 books.

              The Read Aloud Program is different from other reading programs because of four key elements.

              • First Element

                It draws from the Lexile Framework for Reading English and is combined with the six IB PYP (Primary Years Program) transdisciplinary themes to select books appropriate to students’ abilities and grade levels.

              • Second Element

                Read Aloud uses a unique, four-cycle learning method that guides children step by step and facilitates English language internalization.

              • Third Element

                The TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) method is a key feature of our reading practices. TPRS encourages children to react to stories, enhancing reading comprehension through questions, role-playing and games.

              • Forth Element

                Read Aloud provides ongoing assessment and evaluation that accurately tracks each child's progress and growth curve, and includes individualized suggestions for supplementary reading and other activities.

              Four-cycle Learning

              Cycle 1 :Words

              Show –don’t tell- the meanings of target words. We do this by pointing to pictures and by using illustrated flashcards and gestures to dramatize the words.

              Cycle 2 : Phrases

              We use a combination of flashcards, pictures and gestures to walk students through the vocabulary learned in earlier classes. We use TPRS finger counting to check students’ comprehension.

              Cycle 3 : Project

              The teacher gives the students a task and provides an example of how to retell stories in their own words. We ask students to finish their own projects in their own ways and to be as creative as they can.?

              Cycle 4 : Presentation

              The foreign (English-speaking) teacher gives a presentation example to establish expectations. Each child then takes a turn to present and tell their story to the class.?

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