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            1. Welcome Families and Friends,

              It is my honor to have this opportunity to write to you. Do you remember the moment when a little angel came into your world? Nothing in this life is more beautiful and exciting! Becoming a parent sets you on a new journey through life. Our children are so dear to our hearts. As they grow, our love for them grows too, along with our expectations and hopes for them. Every child is like a chest full of wonderful treasures. Every child has potential far beyond the expectations of their parents. However, not every child is lucky enough to realize their full potential. As parents, we need to be conscious of the importance of a child’s inner potential. As parents, we sometimes tend to focus on the goals for success in our society rather than on our children’s inner development. The question of how to realize a child’s inner potential has proven to be one of the most challenging problems that face our educational system today.

              Life today is more demanding than ever. But in fact, the busier the world is, the more we should listen to what our hearts tell us. Children need to be accepted. Children need to express themselves. An education that prioritizes these values will build a solid foundation to help children become the best that they can be. As parents and educators, it is our lifelong commitment to help children realize that they are special. Now, I am very happy to introduce you to Wesley School, which can help fulfill your hopes for your children through our state-of-the-art curriculum and proven international instructional methods. Wesley School strives to ensure that all children reach their full potential, that they grow to be themselves and be the best that they can be.

              Wesley School is an American-based educational institution, with teaching methods grounded in Western research. This research shows the importance of helping children reach their full potential through activities and techniques that emphasize creative thinking, inquiry, engagement and play. The Wesley motto is:?Be Yourself and Be the Best You Can Be.

              If you share a similar philosophy and if you desire a high standard of education for your children, let their learning journey begin at Wesley.

              Xiaopeng Li
              Principle of Wesley School

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